About Me

Welcome to my site! My name is Lisa and I’m the photographer behind the lens. I’ve always been the paparazzi amongst my friends, snapping pictures at birthdays, outings, and life events. And I just don’t want to stop. I love meeting new people and I want to hear your story and give you a memory you can always look back on.

I’m also pleased to now offer professional makeup and hairstyling before your session. Please contact me for a list of services.

I look forward to hearing from you!I’m so happy you stopped by and I hope you’ll continue to check back for updates and new projects on the blog. Enjoy! 



What’s in a Name?

The first thing many of you may be wondering is, “How did she come up with that name?”

Well, I guess to sum it up, I’ve seen and traveled to a lot of places that many may call ‘savage.’ But in every place where there was bad, there was always a lot of good. A lot of ‘beauty.’ Maybe not outright to everyone, but I always found some!

My friends are also just plain savages, so they also inspired me. Because even though they  have savage-like qualities, I love them anyways. Life would be so boring if they didn’t add a little color in my life!

Why Photography?

Why not!? Everyone needs a creative outlet. There is so much to learn when it comes to photography. It’s something everyone can relate too. We all have cameras on our cell phones, right? I just wanted to get a little more technical and sophisticated with my gear!

Where am I?

I’m located in Northern Virginia.