It was a beautiful Spring day to meet this wonderful family. Debby and I connected and she told me that three generations of their family were coming together to celebrate her mother’s birthday! This family has a lot of love between them and it clearly shows. The kids were so sweet and all had such great personalities. We had a great time and we ended the session with lots of bubbles for the kids to play with.2B9A99792B9A9862-Edit2B9A9778-Edit2B9A9838-Edit2B9A98462B9A98312B9A99222B9A9915  2B9A9892 2B9A98272B9A97612B9A9735-Edit 2B9A0064-Edit2B9A0171-Edit2B9A00342B9A00142B9A0314-Edit-Edit 2B9A0097-Edit2B9A0239  2B9A0225-Edit

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